About the

accelerating carbon removal action around the world

Thunderbird School of Global Management has partnered with organizations around the world to launch a Partnership focused on responsible carbon removal globally


The Partnership’s mission is to catalyze a global effort to accelerate deployment of urgently-needed solutions at scale. Now, there is an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize a broad range of global stakeholders in support of the rapid scale-up of carbon removal actions. Through this innovative global partnership, we will mobilize bold and transformative action to ensure the survival and flourishing of humanity.

A Centuries-Old Problem

95% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) causing harmful climate warming is legacy carbon, accumulating since the start of the industrial revolution. While net-zero carbon strategies are important for keeping current CO2 levels from rising any further, removing legacy carbon is the only way to restore the climate to its pre-industrial state.

We must sequester 10 to 20 gigatons of carbon dioxide per year globally by 2050

To ensure global warming is kept below 1.5 degree celsius

A Solution Is Within Reach

A new global partnership on carbon removal that harnesses the resources and creativity of stakeholders across industries will be transformational. It will advance critical policies, private sector investments, and citizen action to accelerate carbon removal and storage action around the world.