Action Plan

A transformative agenda driven by the task force for scaling innovations in carbon removal through multi-stakeholder approaches


Building The Market, Innovation, and Solutions


Carbon Removal Leadership Award

Incentivize the market by recognizing individuals, organizations, companies and governments demonstrating leadership in carbon removal practices around the world.

Carbon Negative Pledge

Build further momentum and commitment across sectors - particularly among governments and companies - through a carbon removal focused pledge.

Carbon Removal Buyers Alliance

Build an alliance of carbon removal buyers to create effective scaled demand generating dramatically increased supply and decreased costs of carbon removal solutions.


Carbon Removal Global and Local Policy and Regulation

IPCC Push on Carbon Removal

Engagement with the IPCC to accept carbon removal as part of its core work program

High-Level Global Political Agenda Setting

Develop an advocacy and engagement plan to put and maintain carbon removal on the global political agenda.

Local and National Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Demonstrate the value of multi-stakeholder partnership approaches at the local and national level around the world.



Case Studies

Demonstrate current action being taken on carbon removal practices across policy, finance and solutions

UN Resolution

A UN Resolution has been drafted (see appendix) to formally position carbon removal on the global political agenda with sponsorship from the Governments of Kenya and Colombia, among others.

Carbon Removal Knowledge Hub

Leverage and build off existing resources to create an online hub of carbon removal resources that anyone can access

Principles for Responsible Carbon Removal

Leverage and build off existing principles to better define responsible carbon removal and guide the work of the Task Force and Partnership.